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Embodiment is foundational for better boundaries

click the image to watch this weeks video on three easy steps to a relaxed self-awareness. Today's blog post is about one of the 6 awareness preludes I've created. They...

How to get out of your own way with Mobile Body Alignment

Click the image to see this weeks video Yesterday one of my students was late for her lesson. I texted her to ask if she was on her way, but...

Improve downward facing dog with Alexander Technique directions

Click the link to see video on improving a yoga asana with Alexander Technique directions Dear Readers,  I’ve been focused on self-care for about two weeks, which is why you...

4 Steps Towards Better Boundaries

A celebration of edges and limits Click on the image for this weeks video on feeling your boundaries It comforts me to know that people can't read my mind. I...

Sitting with tight hips: How to find dynamic balance in a chair

Click on the image to view this weeks video on dynamic posture in sitting and standing If you have tight hips to start with, and you sit for 6 -...

Why is my neck tight and what can I do about it?

Click on the image to view the video Cranial Nerve 10: New evidence suggests that cervical tightness affects vagal tone and function This weeks blog post is for everyone who...

Burnout prevention: the annoying topic you can’t afford to ignore

Click to see a short video about my upcoming Cranial Nerve Sequencing Workshop, April 1 & 2. Once you are in full blown “burnout” it is difficult to get out....

Why is self-care so hard, and so important?

(Click on the beating heart to see this weeks video) Why you need to lower the self-care bar and check in with your body before making commitments. Most of us...
00_Cranial_Nerves_Patrick J. Lynch_medical illustrator_normalbrain

Symptoms of compassion fatigue and how Cranial Nerve Sequencing can help

click on the image to view this weeks video on Cranial Nerve 1 Compassion Fatigue happens to us humans because we care for living beings who have been or are...

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