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Why you need a mission statement

And how to create one with ease Are you an embodiment professional that struggles to communicate what you do, earn enough income from it, and manage your time well? This post, and the video above, are for you. It may be because you’ve been too shy to create a good mission statement and plant your … Read more

Dancing past self-judgement

Body Scripting: Tamar Rogoff’s liberatory dance practice

Does your mind judge you harshly when you move your body in wild ways and take up space? Many people tell me they feel way too shy or clumsy to take a dance class. This is the dark side of the mind-body connection! Here’s what you can do about it.


Don’t abandon your marketing strategy too soon

How to learn from failure over time and increase profit Has your marketing strategy ever fallen as flat as a pancake? Mine sure has! I’ve been making weekly videos for over 10 years now. Some of them get 150 views, some of them get 150,000 views. You know what’s weird? At the time, it seems … Read more

Embodiment Starts with acceptance

How acceptance leads to resilience I’m not well today. I’m not one to say “look on the bright side” without being sarcastic. However, I’m noticing this latest bout of COVID has given me a chance to express one of my core values: embodiment starts with self-acceptance. Relying on friends and loved ones for help, rescheduling … Read more

Financial abundance for embodiment professionals

How you can stress less and truly enjoy your first 5 years in business Big news… I’m coming out of the closet. Yes, it’s true. I’m obsessed with financial abundance for embodiment professionals. In addition to my teaching practice, I’ve been a business coach and mentor for the last 5 years. This was easy for … Read more

Health anxiety hinders healing; here’s how you can turn it around.

Wonder and awe are a better strategy for wellbeing Do you go into a tailspin of health anxiety when something goes wrong with your body? The older you get, the more likely this is to happen. This state of fear may be low level, medium level, or high level. It can be so severe that … Read more

How to stretch your neck more effectively

Using rotational movement to stretch neck muscles: lessons learned from Cranial Nerve 11 When I see the crazy neck stretches out there in video land, I cringe. There should never be any forcing or strain when it comes to the delicate structures inside your neck and throat. That’s why I made this video. This is … Read more

Healthy boundaries and creativity

The 2 biggest steps where embodiment professionals get stuck in the creative process and what they can do about it. Healthy boundaries and creative energy are connected for all of us. Embodiment skills are the bedrock of good boundaries, and I’ve written about them before. This week, I’m writing for a very special sub-set of … Read more

A quiet evening with your vagus nerve

Your body needs time to receive There is a crazy emphasis on giving, giving, giving, here in the USA during the holidays. The sheer volume of it can be so overwhelming that your body starts to shut down. You need ample time and space to physically receive what is given, to savor it, digest it, … Read more


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