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Health anxiety hinders healing; here’s how you can turn it around.

Wonder and awe are a better strategy for wellbeing Do you go into a tailspin of health anxiety when something goes wrong with your body? The older you get, the more likely this is to happen. This state of fear may be low level, medium level, or high level. It can be so severe that … Read more

How to stretch your neck more effectively

Using rotational movement to stretch neck muscles: lessons learned from Cranial Nerve 11 When I see the crazy neck stretches out there in video land, I cringe. There should never be any forcing or strain when it comes to the delicate structures inside your neck and throat. That’s why I made this video. This is … Read more

Healthy boundaries and creativity

The 2 biggest steps where embodiment professionals get stuck in the creative process and what they can do about it. Healthy boundaries and creative energy are connected for all of us. Embodiment skills are the bedrock of good boundaries, and I’ve written about them before. This week, I’m writing for a very special sub-set of … Read more

A quiet evening with your vagus nerve

Your body needs time to receive There is a crazy emphasis on giving, giving, giving, here in the USA during the holidays. The sheer volume of it can be so overwhelming that your body starts to shut down. You need ample time and space to physically receive what is given, to savor it, digest it, … Read more

The power of positive thinking for perfectionists

How to be bad at being good Recently I’ve been trying to define core values in my work. It’s been harder for me than I expected. I’m usually excellent at positive thinking, but when it comes to this issue it seems to backfire. I don’t have to be good at anything, I just need to … Read more


Hip Opening Stretches for Meditation, Part 4

I just finished a one day meditation retreat and noticed, in my peripheral vision, a woman clearly suffering from hip or back pain. She tried everything to get comfortable, including hip opening stretches, but I don’t think it worked. She bowed her head down to release her back. She sat hugging her knees for awhile, … Read more


3 important signs that you need better boundaries

You know that scrunchy end of year feeling? You realize the number of things you still need to get done…but haven’t done yet…and you subconsciously steel yourself to cram it all into the “time you have left?” There you are, your mind, body and schedule filled with stuff. This year, I just can’t do it. … Read more

How to meditate like a baby: hip mobility stretches, part 3

Diving deeper into hip mobility for easier meditation There’s so much instruction out there on how to meditate. Unfortunately, not much of it helps you if you can’t physically do what they say! Because so many folks have tight hips from living life in a chair, you probably know what I’m talking about. You may … Read more

Hip Mobility Stretches for Meditation: Part 2

Your hips aren’t the only joints that need some compassionate attention. This week’s newsletter continues my series on hip mobility stretches for meditation. I’ll start with a gentle reminder though. You can meditate in any position that is comfortable for you: sitting, or lying down, or sitting on high cushions or a meditation bench. The … Read more


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