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Unwinding the Heart on MLK’s Birthday

 GO HERE TO SEE GIL HEDLEY’S RECENT VIDEO OF THE UNWINDING HEART   Dear Dancers at heart, Today is the day that the United States celebrates Martin Luther King’s birthday. Dr. King was not just a “leader” – he was connected to a radical and profound movement that lives on. He was one articulate leader among … Read more

How can we change if we don’t stop what we are already doing?

Photo of frog doing nothing by Mathew Kosloski Do you long for a different political climate, a different song, a different vibe? Me too!!!! But…how can we change anything if we don’t stop what we are already doing? Let me tell you the story of how I experienced the national crisis in the USA this … Read more

Why you need to stop aligning your pelvis

  Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you don’t know about your body? I hope you won’t let this stop you from the joy of learning. But when you are in distress, what you don’t know can seem daunting. Who can you trust?  The experts, like doctors, physical therapists, or bodyworkers … Read more

Engagement, not relaxation, can free tight hips, thighs, and minds

  Aren’t all of those muscles that flow down our legs beautiful? Still, it can sometimes seem like all they want to do is be tight and pull up into our lower back. Sometimes it can seem like stretching or trying to relax the legs is the solution, but I’ve discovered over a long period … Read more

Getting Unstuck from 2020

    Who doesn’t need a little help getting unstuck from 2020? So many of my friends are telling me that their bodies are just really tight and uncomfortable from being inside more than usual, from not having enough spontaneous, unpredictable, fun movement in their life. Even though they go outside every day. Even though … Read more

Real Leaders Get Curious, And Curious People Slow Down

    Have you ever had the experience of hearing a kind word or honest affirmation from a friend and feeling your whole body melt with relief? When I’m teaching, I’m forever amazed at the relationship between kindness, curiosity, and time. Time seems to fall right into place when we are curious. It’s not too … Read more


    Are you you are feeling Zoom-fried? Does your work set up feel more and more uncomfortable the longer you work at home?Even the most sophisticated embodiment teachers are reporting Zoom exhaustion, and they have worked years on their skills, so don’t feel bad. There is hope! I’ve been teaching embodiment online for 5 … Read more


  The first week of June 2020 has broken us. Maybe like me your heart is in pieces, maybe like me you are aware that fixing it is not an option. Words are not my native language, but I try. The day on which I wrote this was a “national day of stopping” business as … Read more


      I turned on the radio this morning during breakfast and the announcer said “Brace yourself for what could be the worst week in American history!” And I thought, “is bracing myself going to make this week somehow better? I don’t think so! How does this guy know ahead of time that this … Read more


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