How to Create a Community of Peace

A practice for becoming fully present in group settings How this three-step practice was created Alexander Technique teachers, like many other educators, practice and refine our skills constantly. We need to keep growing and learning in order to best serve our students, but it’s not always easy to find a setting where we can risk … Read more

How to hack your dopamine balance through mindful movement

Before I get into the core of this newsletter, two things. Last Mastermind Group for Embodiment Educators filling up: Are you or someone you know an embodiment practitioner looking for skilled and targeted guidance for building their business? I’m opening a new Mastermind Group and still have 6 spots left. The early bird special ends … Read more

How can we change if we don’t stop what we are already doing?

Photo of frog doing nothing by Mathew Kosloski Do you long for a different political climate, a different song, a different vibe? Me too!!!! But…how can we change anything if we don’t stop what we are already doing? Let me tell you the story of how I experienced the national crisis in the USA this … Read more


     My feet were once the most hated (yes, hated) part of my body. They did not look good, or more importantly, feel good when I pointed them as a young dancer. Since they wouldn’t do what I wanted them to do, I decided quite consciously to hate them. You can imagine that this … Read more

WHY YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND YOUR KINESTHETIC INTELLIGENCE: #5 in a series on how to use your kinesthetic intelligence

Hello Friends! I’ve been so surprised at what’s emerging as I write every day to you!I may not write every day – in general, I need to take one or two days off a week, usually Saturday. But otherwise I’ll keep on going. The key point that pops out for me so far is this:  your … Read more