Embodiment is foundational for better boundaries

click the image to watch this weeks video on three easy steps to a relaxed self-awareness.

Today’s blog post is about one of the 6 awareness preludes I’ve created. They are foundational self-awareness practices that I started sharing on Zoom when the COVID pandemic started. I developed these preludes to show people how flexible their attention can be – often much easier and more fluid than is habitual for them.

At first, this was just to counter Zoom burnout caused by a narrow attentional focus. Now, I’m realizing that the resulting relaxed sensory experience has a new application: developing better boundaries.

This weeks video teaches you the “attention wandering” prelude in three easy steps. It creates a more open, relaxed state that includes your own body as well as what’s around you – at the same time.

If you can’t feel your body, it’s really hard to know when your boundaries have been crossed – or when you’ve crossed someone else’s.

This just a taste of the practices I’ll teach in my upcoming BETTER BOUNDARIES PILOT WORKSHOP in July.

Having better boundaries is the one skill you can’t work on alone! This is new material for me, and I’ve learned that I create new material best in community. If you’re interested in developing better boundaries while having fun, You can register for the workshop HERE. There are only 8 spots left, and it’s very reasonably priced, so don’t hesitate if you are interested.

This weeks video would also be a great introduction if you were considering a course of private lessons. The 6 attention preludes are the basis of all my online teaching, so if you are considering a course of lessons, this video help you be more comfortable in the online space when we start so you can get the most out of your lessons.

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