Financial abundance for embodiment professionals

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How you can stress less and truly enjoy your first 5 years in business

Big news… I’m coming out of the closet. Yes, it’s true. I’m obsessed with financial abundance for embodiment professionals. In addition to my teaching practice, I’ve been a business coach and mentor for the last 5 years.

This was easy for me to do. I paid a steep price for my own lack of business acumen in my first 5 years of practice. I worked hard to educate myself over the years, and I’ve learned a lot.

My obsession grew more acute from a concern for my Mobile Body Alignment graduates and wanting to support them in their business development. It also grew out of the deep financial crisis that COVID presented for all of us in the field of embodiment.

I knew from the outset my deepest desire was to support teachers in finding their own unique methods of teaching. I knew from my own experience that financial abundance for embodiment professionals requires being confident in their work.

Your success rides on knowing your authentic voice as a teacher and knowing your personal values and gifts. Knowing these things in your bones is the core engine for all your marketing if you want to reach your intended audience.

I came to see that there was no point in training more teachers if they weren’t going to be able to make an abundant living. There were already so many brilliant somatic educators and Alexander Technique folks who had trained for many years and were highly skilled, but were really struggling to bring in enough income.

Is this you? If so, I’m thrilled that you have found this vocation and made this commitment to try and live it. I truly want you to succeed. Let me share with you some hard-earned wisdom from my own struggle and success.

Let’s start with two things I strongly suggest you do not do!

Don’t start your new business with debt.

I know this goes against 90% of the advice small business owners get when they reach out for help. The small business association is waiting to mentor you, show you how to make a business plan, and help you get loans. The thing is, those free programs they offer are funded by the banks that make those loans. That makes good business for the banks, but not for you! You want to generate profit, not debt.

Don’t try to start your business “for free”.

You do need to have a business plan and it should be abundant – eventually. You may need to start small and build slowly. Just don’t skimp on the support and tools that you’ll need to succeed in a very crowded marketplace. Get creative about funding your business plan.

So what should you actually do?

Create a simple business plan and get a job if you need to fund your living expenses and start saving or fundraising business capital.

Later, you can create a more abundant ideal spending plan. If you need money now, get a part time job or keep the one you have. How much money do you need every month to live comfortably? Figure out the highest paying, easiest way to earn your monthly nut using the skills you already have. Have a fundraising event for your birthday.

Share your business plan and goals with friends. Enter a competition for good business plans; if you win, you can get up to $15,000 in NY State this year. Be open to other fundraising ideas. Just don’t borrow money or do it all on a credit card.

Using debt will give you the illusion that you are succeeding when you are not. Debt stresses you out and camouflages problems in your business structure. You are shielded from having to discover what your core values are, who you really want to serve, and what they really want and are willing to pay money for.

Instead, use your first five years to get in touch with all of those things and learn about what it takes to build a healthy service based business. You’ll learn the true needs of your clients, and that takes time. After your first 5 years, you many have a better idea of what kinds of products or online courses they really need, and you’ll be able to increase your income using that knowledge.

Start slow, less stress. Financial abundance for embodiment professionals does not come from stress and deprivation. Enjoy your business journey – because you are going to on it for a long time.

I wholeheartedly want you to succeed because without an embodiment practice, it’s impossible to thrive in a world that is on fire, in crisis, all the time. People need what we have; we cannot provide it to them if we aren’t well cared for ourselves. Debt is not care; fundamental business practices are.

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