Gone Fishin

I am taking a mini-break from generating more content to grab your attention. While I’m chilling out, I want to share two things:

1) I’m leading two free workshops on how to launch an online course for embodiment professionals. Bring your idea for your next course, and I’ll coach at least 2 of you through the next 3 steps to making it happen. Click on the link to register for:

Thursday, September 2, 9 – 10 am EST

Thursday, September 9, 5 – 6 pm EST

2) Some personal growth I’ve experienced as a result of my focus on the cranial nerves and the sense organs they supply…

Let’s face it. Online communication has become a lifeline for so many of us. I myself use FB, Google, & YouTube among other social media platforms to reach people who want to learn about their bodies. So I’m no purist. But…

It is becoming more and more evident how vulnerable our biology makes us to manipulation by tech giants that are making billions through grabbing and selling our attention. This documentary, The Social Dilemma, will give you a deeper understanding of why it is so hard to tear yourself away from your devices.

The documentary is free for all to view until September 30, so please share if you think it’s important, especially for families with younger children.

As a gift to you, I highly suggest that you download this chrome extension (if you use chrome as a browser) that will remove all of YouTubes “suggested videos” that keep you clicking on their site (after you watch mine of course :-).

I’m also loving this chrome extension that eliminates your Facebook feed. It’s great if you can’t eliminate FB altogether. My productivity doubled with this one!

Conscious embodiment skills are the most important part of your toolkit for surviving and thriving as a human being. Maintaining a healthy relationship to the felt sense of your body helps us to feel the negative effects of tech and free ourselves from its clutches sooner!

That freedom empowers us to communicate with one another directly, person to person, without attentional filters.

If you’d like more steps that you can take to minimize tech invasion, go HERE for more basic recommendations from the Center for Humane Technology.

Much love, take good care of yourselves.

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