How can I find the best posture?

The only reason to work on having good posture is to improve your mobility and live your best life! Not to look good or please other people. Your best life is unique.

Live your own life, in your own body. When someone gives you tips for good posture – take a moment, check in, and see what your body has to say about it! Can you breath? Are you straining? Can you see what is around you or are you so tense with effort that your eyes are glazed?

When you follow someone’s guidance about your body, do you feel better or worse? Even a slight shift towards “better” or easier, is powerful. Go more in that direction. Even a slight shift towards “worse” is important information. Don’t waste your time.

Ariel Weiss did this awesome TedX presentation on the three most damaging posture myths:

  1. Put your shoulders back and down
  2. Straighten your back
  3. Sit still

I’d add to this a few more:

4. Square your hips off

5. Pull your head back

6. Hold your stomach in

So, when I get my Ted Talk lined up, I’ll let you know :-). The main point is, if you learn to listen to your own body, you won’t fall for any of these damaging ideas! I call this a “prequal” skill, and that’s what I’m offering in my practice.

Check out my Youtube channel for some great videos on how to build your body listening skills!

Love, Clare

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