How to get out of your own way with Mobile Body Alignment

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Yesterday one of my students was late for her lesson. I texted her to ask if she was on her way, but my finger slipped and instead I asked “are you in your way? She replied, probably!

It made me laugh so hard. I find this kind of humor oddly touching. She was texting from a cab in a traffic jam, which is a basic fact of life in NYC. There’s a constant flow of people and things in your way here, and you can waste precious time blaming them for your stress and tension. You can really get your undies in a bunch, but it won’t get you there any faster.

Maybe we could just let go of blame altogether. Stop blaming others for our stress, stop blaming ourselves. Laugh a little!

I’ve spent much of my life working way too hard and getting in my own way. I was a professional dancer, and working too hard almost did me in. I’ve discovered, however, that it’s not movement that causes tension. The way we are paying attention while we do it is the culprit! Once you understand that, it’s amazing how easy movement can be.

Mobile Body Alignment classes are where I share all of my hard earned wisdom about ease in movement. This weeks video gives you a little taste.

In Mobile Body Alignment classes, we use simple practices like “awareness preludes” and “mobile body alignment points.” We develop a more open, fluid way of paying attention to whats going on in our bodies and all around us. You can use the work while you are dancing to music, or while you are sitting in a traffic jam. Either way.

We learn to let go of a tight focus, to hold awareness of ourselves and others lightly, to explore just how much control or effort are needed while we are moving. Usually it’s a lot less than we think.

I hope you’ll try the exercise in the video. It shows you how to get out of your own way by repeating one simple movement with several different ways of paying attention as you do it. Check out Mobile Body Alignment class every Tuesday at 9 am Eastern to learn more!

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