Business Growth for Holistic Practitioners


Are you a holistic practitioner that dreams of having a bigger social impact and a more profitable, sustainable business?

Mastermind Groups are full right now, but you can still interview to be put on the waiting list.

Or, would you prefer to work with me 1:1? Book a conversation to find out.


I am currently in one of Clare Maxwell's mastermind groups and it is so valuable. Clare creates a sense of trust and communal support. She keeps us somatically grounded as we work on our business building so that we aren't just talking the talk, we are actually walking the walk!

Amanda Blair McDonald,

Clare Maxwell has given me a completely new perspective on my teaching and my business. Now I can start thinking about who I am, why I'm doing this, and what I have to give. It's totally changed how I market my business.

Melissa - Professional Bodyworkers

Melissa Brown

Clare Maxwell is knowledgeable and skilled at guiding you through the process of understanding what is important to you, which direction you want to go in growing a sustainable business, and exactly how to do that while staying embodied.


Mari Hodges
Therapeutic Pain Specialist, M.AmSAT, C.T.A.T.

I have built a profitable and sustainable business. If I can, believe me, you can too! The Alexander Technique is famously difficult to "sell."

If you are:

  • A licensed holistic practitioner
  • An Alexander Technique Teacher
  • A Somatic Therapist or Educator
  • A Yoga Instructor
  • A Pilates Instructor
  • A Feldenkrais Practitioner
  • A coach that uses embodiment practices in your work
  • More than one of the above working on the innovative frontier...

The Embodied Learning Systems Mastermind can help you:

  • Increase your income by clarifying your mission  
  • Align your personal development with your business development
  • Create an authentic public presence that makes marketing feel good
  • Create a marketing strategy and plan that brings in clients you adore  

Maybe you’ve run into these blocks:

You don't come from wealth or a business background so you don't know business & finance fundamentals. Thankfully, creating and stewarding wealth can be learned.

Business coaching systems haven't worked for you in the past because they don't apply directly enough to the unique challenges of being an holistic practitioner or embodiment professional.

You haven't found a safe, private, non-competitive place to be honest about your business challenges, and without being honest you can't get the help you need.

You have many beautiful ideas for projects that could take your business to the next level - too many! You can't choose one to focus on, so you do them all and get overwhelmed.

You want authentic online visibility but it's terrifying. Your sensitivity as a practitioner makes you really good at what you do, but also means visibility is a big challenge.

You know you need to be surrounded by others with a positive, uplifting vibe who will lovingly challenge you to move through your fears and limitations.



Many brilliant practitioners I know give up too soon when their first attempts at marketing fall flat or feel crappy and inauthentic. You may find it hard to believe, at this point in your career, that there is an easier way. I certainly did.

Now, I'm blessed to be doing the work I love fulltime without getting overwhelmed or stressed out. It wasn't about working hard, it was about working smart.

There are simple building blocks foundational to every business, just as there are fundamental embodiment skills that can be layered over time to create a very sophisticated embodiment professional.

Those building blocks do not require you to fake it, manipulate anyone, or violate your own ethics.

They are all contained within the structure of a business plan. I've pulled apart all the key elements, and created embodied meditations to help you flow past emotional, cultural, and cognitive barriers that prevent you from moving forward with the more difficult steps, such as "choosing a niche."

In my Mastermind Groups, we meet twice monthly. One meeting is a focused session on the building blocks of your business plan, and the second meeting is an open problem solving session where you can target specific issues that you are dealing with in your business right now.

That way, you integrate the foundational business development curriculum with your business as it is growing in real time, at a sustainable pace.

You need support in three key areas:

  • Clarity about and confidence in your unique way of working
  • Foundational business building skills
  • Financial clarity and abundance literacy

You have gifts and insights that have emerged from your training and the roots of the modalities you use. You need to know what those are so that you can shamelessly express them to potential clients.

Foundational business skills give you the structure you need to communicate your work to the world in a way that earns money - so you can do more of your work and have a bigger impact.

Many of us don't come from abundance. We let other people define it for us and end up feeling less than. If we get clear about our own financial reality and needs, we step into our power, create our own definition of success, and feel it in our bones.

It's nearly impossible to do any of this if you are working in isolation. We simply can't see our own work and gifts clearly enough, but they are often totally obvious to others.

That's why, when you have a small group of committed individuals with a common passion moving together toward their goals, everyone grows three times as fast.

Members of my first three Mastermind groups are finding clarity and success right now, even though we just went through a pandemic. One of them just published his first book!

You can do this!

Clare Maxwell

This is what you'll get:


1. Two group meetings per month, one 90 minute meeting for problem solving whats going on in your business right now today; and one 60 minute meeting focused on building a step-by-step business plan that will become your foundational guide to growing a more profitable business for years to come.

2. One private session with Clare per quarter to dive deeper into personal challenges and acheive personal goals.

3. A busines plan with specific values and goals for that functions like a compass for all your business building actions. You will create an authentic mission statement, core values, niche/audience, product/service, research product/market fit, build marketing strategy & marketing plans, financial projections, growth and development plans, pricing and sales models, etc.

4. A private FB page for weekly action accountability, and for sharing resources, struggles, & victories with the larger ELS community. Let us cheer you on.

5. 24/7 email support from Clare.

6. Optional homework assignments to help you master elements of the business plan that are new for you - especially marketing.

Participation in the Masterming Group will guide you out of burnout and into healthy creativity and business-building practices with skills I’ve been working on for two decades. There are fundamental steps to business success, and you shouldn’t have to pay thousands of dollars to get access to them.

If you are ready to move your business forward and thrive financially, I hope you will join us.


$250 per month.

Six month minimum commitment


$200 Per session

Clare Maxwell

This is how my mastermind groups work:


  • Two group meetings every month.
  • One private 55-minute session with Clare per quarter.
  • Free membership in the ELS Learning Community where we practice teaching skills and give each other feedback.
  • Access to our private FB page for accountability and support.

My commitment: 
A positive return on investment for your business in clarity of purpose, best use of energy, time, and an increase in income.

Your commitment:
I ask for six months of your time to make lasting progress towards your goals.

Cost: $250 per month

Why work with Clare?

Clare Maxwell - Movement Coach

I am a dancer, choreographer, and nationally certified Alexander Technique teacher who transferred my successful practice online during COVID – something most folks thought could never be done! I created Mobile Body Alignment™ over a period of 5 years, experimenting in the online space until I came up with a method that I knew would really work based on experience.

I was able to do that because I've worked extensively with wonderful business mentors like Jeremy Chance, Mark Silver, Jason Stein, and Paul Zelizer.

I am certified as a teacher through AmSAT and ISMETA. I've been teaching the Alexander Technique for 23 years, and I love leading people on learning journeys into their bodies for healing and lifelong mobility.

My work, Mobile Body Alignment™, combines my 30 years as a professional dancer with the A.T. principles, making them easier to teach and share with all, even online. I also lead Mastermind Groups for innovative embodiment educators who want to build a financially thriving and stable business.

I love the magical space of live theater and have coached professional actors and dancers in many NYC productions, most recently What To Send Up When It Goes Down. I will continue to develop my teaching in collaboration with my colleagues in the The Experimenters Union Learning Community which was created with generous funds from the Appalachian Springs Foundation.


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