Movement Workshops & Classes

Embodied Learning Systems offers regular weekly movement workshops and special courses covering the four stages of Mobile Body Alignment™ work.

Mobile Body Alignment™helps you:

  • Learn how to get in touch and stay in touch with your body
  • Feel better in your body and better about your body
  • Recover full mobility after an injury or operation
  • Learn to receive guidance from your body for better self-care and healthy relationships
  • Have long-term mobility, grace, and coordination

How we move is just as important as movement itself.  If we move with too much tension, we wear ourselves out. If we move with ease, we experience vitality and pleasure. It’s that simple. In my classes, you will moving in new, surprising ways as you develop new, healthier pathways of communication between mind and body.

There is room for your unique body, as it is right now, in all my classes. You don’t have to conquer, change, or improve your body first. You’ll learn simple step-by-step practices that increase mobility and decrease discomfort right away. You’ll want to move more because you already feel better, and you’ll get healthier as you move more, no matter what your age or level of ability.

Mobile Body Alignment has four layers:


How we pay attention to our body has a huge effect on our felt experience.

Narrow or tight attention = a tight body; fluid and mobile attention = an easy body.

The 6 Awareness Preludes will develop your attentional flexibility and resilience and you can practice them anywhere, anytime.

Mobile Body Alignment Dermatome Mapping

Good alignment shouldn’t flatten, narrow, or tighten your body.

Dermatome mapping establishes an expansive three-dimensional sense of wholeness that integrates easily into your movement.

All spinal (and some cranial) nerves carry sensation from a particular area of skin (dermatome) to the brain.

Learning this beautiful map experientially refreshes your body image and you learn to access sensory awareness where it’s easiest to find, through skin contact.

Mobile Body Alignment Points

Learn how to be lightly aware of your body and come alive in space.

Activate effortless and fluid motion through bringing spatial awareness to 17 key points on the surface of your body linking bone, muscle, nerves, and skin in motion.

You will feel and move like a dancer!

Cranial Nerve

Rebalance excitement with calm, improve your resting breathing pattern and revitalize your posture by relinquishing excess tension nerve by nerve.

Explore sensory and motor functions of each nerve and each sense organ in your skull and throat (smell, vision, hearing, balance, swallowing, voice, and more) to feel a free and delicate articulation of head and spine, resetting overall coordination throughout your whole body.


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