Slow Down: How to unlock your pubic bone and free your breathing



…And you will look kinda sexy too! But first, you will need to slow down. I’ve just completed my first ever full day meditation retreat (it’s never too late to try!). Even though I’ve had a personal meditation practice for many years I have never done more and a 1/2 day sit. I had one major revelation: all my life, I’ve been terrified to slow down. It does not make intuitive sense to me as a solution to any problem. When I watch my own videos, I often freak out at how long it takes me to say something, and how many times I seem to need to slow down in order to express myself properly.

And of course, six minutes is way too long for and educational video on youtube, according to all the experts! And yet, this is just one 10th of what I wanted to share with you. For the rest, you have to come to your FREE first Mobilignment™ class by emailing me for the link!

But just for today, I invite you to follow my on this journey…slow down, breath, watch this video, and see if it helps your poor stiff lower back, pelvis, and breathing.

Your pelvis, as a whole, is a round, bowl-like weight bearing structure all the way around its circumference. Most anatomy geeks I know emphasize the sacrum as the main weight bearing joint, but that’s not the whole truth. Yes, you can see how thik the sacrum is, and it makes sense that the weight of the head and torso passes through that gorgeous arch down through your legs. But your pelvis has an arch in the front as well, and it’s got a lovely little cartilage cushion there to help you out if you will only use it.

Weight, and force, passes through the femur bones, hip joint, and pubic bone in the front as well as the sacrum in the back. You can see it clearly here:



If you have a sore or stiff sacrum, or if the muscles around it are often braced, it could be because you are not allowing the weight to shift side to side through the pubic arch. I ought to know, because I’ve worked with so many students before and after hip replacements who are really holding on in the lower back to prevent what their whole body knows will be painful: weight passing through the hip joints!

I’ve been through this myself because of some wear and tear on the cartilage in my own hip joint. What has been surprising is that my pain decreases when I allow the pubic arch to move! I think that’s because there is less pounding into the hip joint and less bracing when you allow the weight to travel all the way around this bowl. This is true in walking, as demonstrated in the video, or in running, and especially in dancing.

Being able to allow movement at this pubic bone point has also increase muscle tone in my belly (a la Pilates) and freed up my breathing tremendously. Enjoy!

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