In this gravitational universe, one way to define your “highest self” is the part of your whole body that is as high up off of the ground as it can be. It’s already there! You don’t have to do anything except enjoy it, and accept that it’s going to change the next time you move or shift weight.

I have developed a special framework for this kind of awareness in Mobilignment.™ I first experienced it in an Alexander influenced dance class. Mobilignment makes it possible to recognize when we are wasting energy pulling ourselves down – when gravity is already doing it for us. We can choose to “lighten up”, but it’s not about a forced cheerfulness. It’s a whole self kind of thing!

This week I celebrate the bright side of human adaptability. We can adapt in many ways to difficult situations. There’s enough written about that elsewhere, and I am very glad there is. But we also adapt very well to support, grace, and ease, without having to change anything about ourselves. No self improvement is needed.

The Alexander Technique gave me the experience of ease, and enough time to begin adapting to it. I’ve been heading in that direction ever since. If that’s the direction you want, this work is definitely for you. There is a certain rigor to making that choice when you are having a hard time, but all you might need is some guidance and support to get you going.

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