The Experimenters Union Learning Community

The Experimenters Union Learning Community


Monthly facilitated work exchange for Alexander Technique teachers

The Union is for certified Alexander Teachers who:

  • Want to feel courageous and confident in their teaching
  • Want experience improvising as a teacher and learner
  • Want to explore fluidity in the roles of teacher, learner, observer, & facilitator
  • Long for collegial support, honest feedback, and dialogue, not critique
  • Thrive in a non-competitive environment

Does this sound like you?

Come visit our guru-free, non-hierarchical work-exchange playground for Alexander Technique teachers who are building a healthy foundation for professional autonomy and business growth in community with peers.

We are now hosting free, monthly meetings that are open by invitation. Contact us by email at to book an interview with the Facilitator's Council and attend your first meeting.

What the Experimenters Union provides:

  • Monthly online work exchange, skillfully facilitated by trained leaders
  • Specific formats for sharing teaching and giving/receiving feedback developed through rigorous research on self-agency and regulation
  • A community with six years of collective practice integrating sensory, emotional, and cognitive processing
  • Dialogue and learning in a non-hierarchical atmosphere rather than judgement, debate, or criticism
  • A group of highly qualified peers who can give you honest, detailed feedback you would never be able to get from your clients

We are playfully dedicated to the principle of YES, AND…instead of YES BUT.

Monthly live meetings happen online, first Monday of every month, from 10:00 am - 11:30 am EST. You can participate as a learner, teacher, or observer – or all three! No role is compulsory.

Online Mobility Class

Membership is free

We meet the first Monday of every month from 10:00 - 11:30 EST.

We ask that you book a short conversation with the Facilitator's Council before you attend your two free meetings.

Online Mobility Class

Learn more about the Community:


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"Experimentation is risky. We rarely know in advance what will give us life and what will sap life away. But if we want to deepen our understanding of our own integrity, experiment we must!"

- Parker Palmer