Holistic Practitioner Strategy Session

You are a holistic practitioner with some big decisions to make.

A 90 minute strategy session could be just what you need if you are facing 1 - 3 major business decisions, for example:

Is there really a market for the new service I want to offer?

What marketing strategy should I use for my new offering?

Will an additional training or license jump-start my business?

Should I take that job at the university? Should I leave that job at the university?

How difficult will it be to rebuild my business in a new location?

Your business is already up and running, you don't need regular coaching, and at this juncture in your business development, you don't have time for an in-depth mastermind group.

You just need extra support right now.

As innovators and empaths, holistic practitioners often need more support than we get for occupying this very challenging position in society.

We also need to be better at business development than folks who are not posing such a huge challenge to mainstream culture.

I understand how difficult it's been to get where you are. It's critical that you have access to support in this key point of your journey. You don't need lots of input from folks you don't know or trust, and you don't need extra education and extra work. You need to take action now.

Here's what you'll get:

1) A pre-session email with questions to help me prepare for our session

2) 90 minutes together on Zoom

3) A follow up email with 3-5 key strategic actions to meet your goals

4) A month of follow up email support


I am a dancer, choreographer, and nationally certified Alexander Technique teacher who transferred my successful practice online during COVID – something most folks thought could never be done! I created Mobile Body Alignment™ over a period of 5 years even before that, experimenting in the online space until I came up with a method that I knew would really work based on experience.

I was able to do that while increasing my income because I've worked extensively with wonderful business mentors like Jeremy Chance, Mark Silver, Jason Stein, and Paul Zelizer.

I am certified as a teacher through AmSAT and ISMETA. I've been teaching the Alexander Technique for 23 years, and I love leading people on learning journeys into their bodies for healing and lifelong mobility.

My work, Mobile Body Alignment™, combines my 30 years as a professional dancer with the A.T. principles, making them easier to teach and share with all, even online. I also lead Mastermind Groups for innovative embodiment educators who want to build a financially thriving and stable business.

I love the magical space of live theater and have coached professional actors and dancers in many NYC productions, most recently What To Send Up When It Goes Down at BAM. I continue to develop my teaching in collaboration with my colleagues in the The Experimenters Union Learning Community which was created with generous funds from the Appalachian Springs Foundation.

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