Cranial Nerve Sequencing:

Natural Stress Relief & Self-empowerment


- get out of your head and into your body 

- recover balance and coordination

- let go of stiffness and strain

What is cranial nerve sequencing? I guide you step by step through an experience of all 12 cranial nerves using the Alexander Technique principles. You will learn the basic anatomy and function of each nerve, and learn practices you can use to explore each one on your own.

Stress is a part of life, and our bodies are brilliantly evolved to handle it. Understanding how your nervous system helps organize you to deal with stress empowers you to move through it instead of getting stuck.

Cranial Nerve Sequencing activates a free and delicate articulation of head and spine, resetting overall coordination throughout your whole body. It provides the easiest possible access to the free neck, balanced head, resonant voice, and dynamic postural tone that the Alexander Technique is famous for.

Access deep mobility, coordination, and balance:

Each session is focused on mapping one cranial nerve, exploring its function, and discovering if it's over or under activated. Either state can be the hidden cause of stress and strain.

We explore one or two nerves per session, allowing time for re-integration of what is learned with felt sense of your whole body. There is ample time to address your personal needs, concerns, and questions.


- Suffer from stiffness, visual strain or headaches

- Struggle to stay in touch with your own body

- Suffer from daily back ache or pain 

- Experience jaw tension that you can't release

- Have difficulty with voice, speech, or swallowing

- Depend on outside influences to calm your nervous system (like social media or TV)

- Thrive in a non-judgemental, structured learning environment 

- Want an ally on your healing journey that will see you as whole person instead of treating an isolated symptom or issue


Embodiment Teacher
Embodiment Teacher
Embodiment Teacher


Single Cranial Nerve Sequencing session
- 55 minutes -
Cranial Nerve
10-lesson package

Let's make sure I understand your goals and can help you achieve them.

Let’s try working together and see if it’s a good fit.

New Yorkers: Wednesdays 1pm - 8pm. Balance Arts, 151 West 30 Street, Manhattan

10 one-to-one sessions. Email and text support between session, educational charts & illustrations included.



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“Stress is not the problem.

Stress is not bad for you; being stuck is bad for you.”


― Emily Nagoski