I turned on the radio this morning during breakfast and the announcer said

“Brace yourself for what could be the worst week in American history!”

And I thought, “is bracing myself going to make this week somehow better? I don’t think so! How does this guy know ahead of time that this coming week will be the worst ever? I’m not saying this is not a crisis, but what if next week is worse. Will bracing myself help then either? Not.”

Bracing causes broken bones.

What would happen if I softened myself instead?

After 14 days of fighting what was probably COVID19, I’m feeling a bit… quiet. What I had was mild, according to what I hear, but I was humbled and made vulnerable by the experience. It truly stopped me in my tracks. Am I grateful for the Alexander Technique? Yes! Did I practice Mobilignment™ in the bathtub, and in my bed? Yes! Did those things make a difference? They did to me in the moment. Scientifically I have no idea, and I don’t want to alarm you in any way by making you think that you need what I have in order to be OK. You do not.

I do know that bracing against reality is a total waste of energy. Bracing isn’t going to keep our health care workers safe, or bring the grinding hulk of greed and profiteering going on in our government and healthcare industry to a halt. All it’s going to do is stress out your already challenged delicate tissues even more.

I prefer to Mobilize and Mobilign. There is positive energy in the quiet softness of your mind and body. It is an endless resource that is always there for you. None of us as individuals can beat this thing, and no hero is going to save us with their braced puffed out chest and superhero suit. It’s going to be you, fighting like the dickens to take the best care of yourself that you can, and it’s going to be us, caring for each other, one creative moment at a time. It always was.

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