The simple joys of listening: Cranial Nerve 8

Attending to quality of sound can boost your communication skills, help you stay with yourself, and understand others more easily. Welcome to 2022! We will be continuing on our journey through the 12 cranial nerves, with one final post about the 8th cranial nerve. Over the break, I discovered a wonderful book that provides important … Read more

How to let go of holiday expectations

WHEN LETTING GO WAS FUN Remember those old-school merry-go-rounds on the playground? The ones that were just a spinning disc with bars you could grasp to push it around, or hang onto? Remember the pleasure of holding on, holding on, holding on…and then letting go and flying off into the dirt? Were you like me, … Read more

Pain relief through mindful movement: how the Alexander Technique works

  Numerous studies show that the Alexander Technique significantly reduces pain. We are finally beginning to understand why – and that’s so important when you are in pain. Understanding how a process works motivates you to stick with it long enough to experience the best results. Let me tell you a quick, funny back pain … Read more

One simple exercise can release facial tension, neck tension, and back tension

Gentle, moving touch can be combined with slow movement for deep release: An exploration of the 5th cranial, or trigeminal nerve. Gentle touch has a different affect than manipulation or massage. Read on to find out why! My niece Audrey, when she was little, loved being slowly, gently stroked on her arms and back on … Read more


Are your eyes working way too hard?

Try these 4 simple exercises for smooth eye and head motion CRANIAL NERVE 3: THE OCULOMOTOR NERVE I did a little YouTube video research in preparation for writing this post on the 3rd cranial nerve. There is absolutely nothing out there on the cranial nerves for the average person. It’s all for people in medical … Read more

Gone Fishin

I am taking a mini-break from generating more content to grab your attention. While I’m chilling out, I want to share two things: 1) I’m leading two free workshops on how to launch an online course for embodiment professionals. Bring your idea for your next course, and I’ll coach at least 2 of you through … Read more