How to free your lower back


Mobilignment points for pelvis and femur bones transfers muscle tone from the outside to the inside of your legs, freeing your sacrum and lower back


You know how shocking it is that first moment when you get out of bed, and you try to put your pajama pants on…and you can’t do it?

I hope none of you youngsters are experiencing this yet… let me help you head this problem off at the pass.

Me and my friend Paula Macali (the best masseuse I know and so much more than that really) were laughing hysterically about this after I got off the massage table last week. It’s like, I can lift my foot, but I can’t get it in the pant leg because my sacrum is stuck!

I probably shouldn’t be telling you this – aren’t body workers supposed to have no body problems? NOT. Ever since I had arthroscopic surgery on one of my hip joints about 12 years ago, I’ve had intermittent pain in that joint and a tendency to tighten from the top of my sacrum all the way down the outside of my legs. This month’s video (see above) should give you some great tips on how to be easy and strong in your legs without bracing.

The Mobilignment Points are a different way of accessing your kinesthetic sense. Hip joints are very difficult to “feel.” If you think about it, they are actually a kind of big area as well, very deep inside us and shaped like domes. It’s not that mapping them or imagining them are not useful, but when you are in motion, you need something more specific to help you organize motion in space easily, without have to “feel around” in your mind. The top of the femur points are very helpful for this, because you can imagine how they would move as you walk or dance or even just sitting in your chair. You can feel what happens when they brace, and when they are mobile. Here is a picture:


Hope this information helps you get your pants on in the morning!



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