WHY WE DANCE: #1 in a series on how to use your kinesthetic intelligence




We dance for a million different reasons, but one of the biggest ones is to feel our relationship to the earth. It’s the one relationship that is with us every day of our life. I hate it when I hear someone say “ I don’t dance”. Everybody dances.

Today’s dance:

Imagine a spot exactly in the middle of the crown of your head. (imagining this spot is a form of thinking/knowing that requires no tension. It’s your kinesthetic sense, simply knowing where something is in space.)

Imagine a spot at the tip of your tail bone.

Notice the distance of these spots from one another, and from the earth.

Notice the dance they are doing already. If they are fixed in relationship to one another, you are probably not breathing 🙂 and might feel stiff.

To dance with the earth, all you have to do is perceive it. Recognize where you are, what’s really important, where your primary support comes from. It’s so basic as to be completely invisible to most people, yet one of the most important things in your life, ever.

Check out this video about one of America’s greatest dance companies, Halau O Kekuhi, and what this connection means to them:

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