Content Marketing Blues

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How content creation can be fun, sustainable, and effective.

Marketing exhaustion is real. Embodiment professionals are highly trained and skilled communicators, and we have high standards for marketing. That’s why so many of us get overwhelmed trying to create quality marketing content at the pace needed to bring in enough clients…to earn a full living from our work.

Today’s post, and the video above, are for you my friend!

Content creation is much easier if you ground your business by writing an honest mission statement first.

Naming core values is part of that statement. This takes time, and is best done in conversation with colleagues or friends. However, once you’ve done it, creating marketing content is much easier, more fun, and more uplifting for your audience as well.

I can hear the voices that used to run in my head when I read stuff like this in the past though. “Yeah, whatever. Marketing is not easy, and anyone that tells you so is just trying to sell some fake method with 7 key steps, they give you 2, and you have to buy the remaining 5 steps to get any benefit from the freebie you wasted an hour reading but none of it makes marketing easier!”

I swear that’s not what I’m doing here. I’m not selling a method.

I’m just working my way, in my Mastermind Groups for Embodiment Professionals, through the steps of an effective business plan. This is one of them. And it’s a really powerful one.

I don’t expect you to believe me, so I figured I could just give a little demo. In the video, what I do is name one of my own core values and then riff on one aspect of that core value that would make a great newsletter. Here is my theme:

Embodiment is the foundation of all skill acquisition.

This particular newsletter has a funny double layer to it, because…it’s impossible to communicate effectively (that’s what marketing is) if you aren’t in touch with bodily sensation. And, when I’m on a deadline for my weekly newsletter, I can get so stressed out that I forget to feel my body.

I needed this newsletter myself!

I had fun making the video, and as I was doing it revelations just kept coming. A couple more themes for newsletters arose after I made the video:

  • Emotions are the building blocks of attachment and communication. They originate as sensation in our bodies. Sensation, movement, and emotion come first, language comes second. Therefor, refining your ability to move and feel your body will deepen emotional experience and improve your communication skills too.

  • Alexander Technique helps students continually refine their kinesthetic sense and expand their range of healthy movement. Nuance and subtlety of sensory experience and movement skill will continue to develop for as long as a person continues to practice the technique and the possibilities for growth and development are infinite.

The opposite is true as well. Being disconnected from the felt sense of our bodies leads to anxiety, confusion, and feeling ungrounded. It’s really hard to think, write, and communicate when we are in that state. It all comes around full circle!

That, dear friends, is why our work is so important.

We skip over this simple truth because there are so many other benefits of embodiment practices like the Alexander Technique. The more I delve into my core values, the simpler and easier communication becomes for me. It’s an endless process.

If you would like to take a deep dive into this kind of business development practice, you would be an ideal member of the new Mastermind group I’m starting this September. Drop me a line if you would like to be notified when registration opens.

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