Healthy boundaries and creativity

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The 2 biggest steps where embodiment professionals get stuck in the creative process and what they can do about it.

Healthy boundaries and creative energy are connected for all of us. Embodiment skills are the bedrock of good boundaries, and I’ve written about them before. This week, I’m writing for a very special sub-set of my audience: embodiment professionals like me.

If that’s not you, I still hope you may find something useful here today. The relationship between having healthy boundaries and generating creative energy is profound!

If it is you, I want you to know that for 5 years now I have been providing business coaching and creative development mentoring for people like you, helping you design brands true to your unique interests and skills – so you can succeed in the marketplace.

We often neglect the need for open, creative play time. If you are an innovative spirit like me, you actually need this time more than most to stay in touch with your inner explorer! In my experience, it’s your own creative energy, not another certification, that will move your career forward.

That’s why I’ve designed a new course called Better Boundaries to Realize Creative Dreams for Embodiment Professionals. Creative energy, once you can access it, leads to creative ideas and projects, which lead to more income, which leads to more time for get the idea.

Here are the two key places I see embodiment teachers getting stuck:
1. Not scheduling open creative time on a regular basis.
2. Failing to choose one important idea or project and follow it through to completion.

If you’ve been wanting to achieve item 1, or item 2, this course will help you succeed! We’ll meet once a week for 4 consecutive weeks. The group is small, limited to 6 people, so if you can jump in do it now. You will

  • Acquire and/or cultivate foundational self-attention skills and practice them with other professionals.
  • Commit to spending weekly time on personal creative inquiry, bookended by embodiment practice based in those skills with new ones layered in each week.
  • Deepen connection to your own creativity and commitment to your boundaries around it.
  • Face the challenges that will surely arise and devise solutions in community.

I’m not going to lie. I put in hundreds of unpaid hours during the development phase of my Mobile Body Alignment work. This included several years of mini-sessions on my own body; testing it out on colleagues to make sure it worked; and breaking it down into small learnable chunks. Two other bodies of material emerged to solve the problems that arose.

The creative process took over 3 years. Eventually material emerged that was useful for my students, and it brought in plenty of income, but that was way after the fact. The commitment to showing up for creative exploration came first.

That resulted in more fun, play, and happiness for me on a weekly basis. Many of my students were happy to dance down the road of creative development with me as well and got tons of benefits, which further verified the material. It brought a positive energy to my practice.

Do you have an innovative, hungry spirit? Do you have a creative project that has been waiting for too long in the wings? Are you tired of trying to keep up with the latest research from other people in addition to the time you spend with clients and on admin for your business?

If you spent that time on developing your own ideas instead, you might discover a goldmine. It could be an energetic engine that will fuel your passion for your business and help you serve your clients even better than you already are.

To find out more about the course and to register, go HERE.

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