6 ways to break isolation for solo-preneurs

photo by Tim Marshall
How holistic practitioners can break their isolation without breaking the bank

You are a service based business owner. It’s almost December. You can barely find the time to get your gifts or cards together for your beloved clients, and your brain can no longer hold the giant get-it-done-before-the-end-of-the-year list.

You wonder: What it would be like to actually enjoy the holidays? What if you could just accept things as they are, be imperfect, and be at peace?

If you’ve been in business for more than 5 years (congratulations, you made it!), you know there is no point in rushing to realize all the unmet goals, launch the un-launched classes, or try to miraculously double your yearly income in one month.

Miracles can happen, but your energies are better put to use lovingly, kindly assessing what has worked this year and what hasn’t. What you want more of, and what you want less of.

I’ve been working as a business consultant for embodiment professionals, somatic educators, and holistic practitioners since before COVID.

One thing I’ve never heard a business owner wish for at the end of the year is more isolation. More figuring it all out alone.

Before I got professional help to build my business, my self-created motto was “make more money.” This is a business goal that absolutely guarantees failure and has nothing to do with real business development or success. Somehow, I survived myself.

I’m sure you have your own examples! Where are those bootstraps I’m supposed to haul myself up by again?

There is a giant cultural bias in the USA towards individualism, individual empowerment, and individual process. The problem is, research is beginning to show that an individualistic focus can contribute to hopelessness, depression, anxiety, frustration, and a reduced lifespan.

Isolation can be double deadly for small business owners, who make up a shocking 99.9% of the economy here in the USA. Furthermore, 8 out of 10 small businesses have only one employee.

Every year, you must make hundreds of important decisions and wear many different hats to run your business. How can you develop effective ways to assess your current goals and strategies? How can you be assured that there is a reliable, sustainable market for the service your provide?

In fact, I suspect that there are so many Mastermind Groups popping up all over the place precisely because so many folks are solo-preneurs in need of support and guidance. There is a market for them!

Yes, 50% of all small business fail by year 5.

The statistic that’s really kicking our butts is that 46% of those small business failures are due to a lack of market demand.

That means that they did not do enough market research on the products and services they provide in their early years. I have and will continue to write about how you can integrate market research into your business at every level for that reason. Today’s focus, however, is more about you.

I’m strongly suggesting that you break your business isolation in any way you can – because other humans will remind you without fail that you come first, and your business comes second.

I’ve seen this many times in my Mastermind Groups. Someone will be in crisis, scared because their human limitations prevent them from reaching a particular goal they have set. Suddenly, you have 6 other people smiling at you, nodding their heads in understanding and encouraging you to relax, reset the goal with a more realistic target, and keep going. Whew.

Self-care must come first if your business is going to be sustainable. Especially in a service-based wellness business! Your clients need to know that you are completely dedicated to self-care because that’s what you are teaching them.

You must walk the self-care walk in to earn abundantly, however you define it in terms of the time/money equation. At year 23 in my business, I promise you it is totally possible.

And, there are so many ways to get support!

1) SCORE provides free business planning and mentorship. Find your local chapter.

2) Start your own Mastermind Group or partnership.

3) If you struggle with business debt and need help, try Business Owners Debtors Anonymous. It’s totally free. Don’t let isolation make your financial situation worse.

4) Book a one-time 90 minute strategy session with me if you resonate with my message.

5) Work with me 1:1 for six months. Book your first session here.

6) Consider booking a free, 45 minute interview to be put on the wait list for my next Mastermind Group in 2024.

Without getting a more specific and in depth business development education and building a support team for yourself, it’s really hard to get past the common $55 – 60K income ceiling.

That’s just not enough for most of us to support our families and have a good life these days. And that’s what I want for you.

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