Embodiment Starts with acceptance

How acceptance leads to resilience I’m not well today. I’m not one to say “look on the bright side” without being sarcastic. However, I’m noticing this latest bout of COVID has given me a chance to express one of my core values: embodiment starts with self-acceptance. Relying on friends and loved ones for help, rescheduling … Read more

How to stretch your neck more effectively

Using rotational movement to stretch neck muscles: lessons learned from Cranial Nerve 11 When I see the crazy neck stretches out there in video land, I cringe. There should never be any forcing or strain when it comes to the delicate structures inside your neck and throat. That’s why I made this video. This is … Read more

Staying mobile with neck pain

Trying to stretch or mobilize only your cervical vertebrae may backfire First of all, a reminder that registration for the upcoming Better Boundaries Workshop closes this coming Tuesday, September 13, at midnight. There are 4 spots left. You can find a detailed description of the workshop HERE, and if you are ready to register, go HERE. Now, … Read more