Burnout prevention: the annoying topic you can’t afford to ignore

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Once you are in full blown “burnout” it is difficult to get out.

Secondary symptoms like sleep deprivation, weight gain, and depression compound one another. Each one requires separate interventions and take time to unpack. That’s why prevention is so important! But the phrase “burnout” and it’s anti-dote “self-care” have become almost meaningless in public discourse.

These myths about self-care make some of my clients pretty pissed off:
  • Alone in your room isn’t self-care: This is not all on you. Isolation is a major cause of burnout, especially for helping professionals. The challenges we are all facing are collective and can’t be solved alone.

  • Lofty ideals don’t help: Complex, expensive training programs in embodiment and trauma can increase burnout by raising your already high standards for how together you should be beyond human reach, empty your bank account, and exhaust you further.

  • Pedicures are not self-care: Pedicures, going to the gym, and taking long walks are all healthy, wonderful things and very important. I love them. Unfortunately these activities won’t change the root cause of energy drain: learned body dissociation. Ach, I’ll just ignore this neck pain. I’ll pee after I finish this paragraph. I’ll push through.

  • Extreme self-care can be overkill: It’s not always about PTSD. We don’t always need to go to the depths of suffering to access our body’s wisdom and energy.

There are much easier ways of accessing the wisdom of our bodies that we can use during the course of our day.

I call much of what I teach “pre-qual” skills. The miracle of a passing, easy breath, the sensation on your skin, or the silky feeling of your tongue in your mouth are all pleasurable and easy to notice, will slow you down, and make space for self-empathy and healthier choices in your life, moment to moment.

Noticing the ground supporting you and releasing your head up into the sky can lighten the heaviest burden. Even better, practice these things with a group of people and they are even more fun! Each human in the room raises the vibrations to a higher level.

A conscious commitment to choosing pleasurable, moment to moment embodiment adds up over time to more fun, healthier relationships, and a better state of mind and spirit.

Go to this video for breath.

Check out this video about skin sensation and relaxing your face.

I love this video about feeling the back of your tongue!

Every inch of your body is a resource for burnout prevention, just waiting for you to take the time to have a conversation with it.

Learning and practicing in a group is in some ways much more uplifting than one-on-one sessions.

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