A Body-Centered Approach to Leadership

For sensitive humans who want to claim authority and step into leadership without going into overwhelm. We all need to step into leadership roles at some point in our life. The more visibility and responsibility leaders have, the more heightened and special that role becomes. Much of the skill needed to navigate it well has … Read more

How to Create a Community of Peace

A practice for becoming fully present in group settings How this three-step practice was created Alexander Technique teachers, like many other educators, practice and refine our skills constantly. We need to keep growing and learning in order to best serve our students, but it’s not always easy to find a setting where we can risk … Read more

Body Awareness vs. Overthinking

Awareness Preludes for Ease & Confidence Do you struggle with overthinking? Perhaps you were bullied, intensely criticized, or made to feel that you are less than, stupid, or ugly at some point in your past.  You overthink things and feel overwhelming anxiety sometimes when you have to face challenges in your life… but you don’t … Read more

Why holistic practitioners need to be better storytellers

Communication secrets for creative solo-preneurs with Madeline Schwarz The holistic practitioners I mentor are some of the most innovative, creative people I know. They have synthetic minds and see connections that other people miss. They have a rich inner life, but sometimes struggle to get their brilliant ideas out to a larger audience. If this … Read more

Fluid Leadership Skills

How embodiment can help leaders adapt and succeed This is the beginning of a new series of videos on embodiment practices that support a fluid, more sustainable, and humane model for leadership. I’m doing this because many of my clients are suggesting I might have something to offer, even though I don’t have an MBA! … Read more